Yemshe Festival of Nagaland!

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Celebrated by the Pochury tribe of Nagaland, Yemshe Festival is a harvest festival which starts from the last week of September to the first week of October where all the Pouchuries come together to celebrate the year’s hard work with fun and frolic. The village spokesman announces the arrival of the Yemshe festival after which the arrangements and festivities begin.

The head of the family perform the rituals of the Yemshe Festival whose materials are then fastened to the entrance of each house. Couples exchange gifts and indulge in feasts and wine. This is called the Big Yemshe when people get to know each other and also get engaged.

The celebration of the Yemshe with rituals is called the small Yemshe when a rich family hosts the ritual Purification feast. The feast continues and there are a number of rituals and specific arrangements that are made until the last day of the feast which is the feast cleansing day.

The final and last day the refinement feast is observed and it is compulsory for the people to stay at home and enjoy it. After that, the agricultural tasks begins from the next day.

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