What solo women travellers seek??

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Gone are the days when women used to tag along with their family for a much-awaited annual vacation. Today, women are comfortable venturing out on their own and planning a holiday around their needs. When sharing opinions on what solo women travellers seek, our travel experts concur on some points and differ on others. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting debate!

But we came to the following conclusions for what a woman solo traveller wants-


Women, these days, are confident travelling alone than with a company. It is estimated that women make more than 80 per cent of the decisions when it comes to travel. As the women solo trips slowly gain momentum, 72 per cent of solo women travellers branded safety as a prime concern. For safety and security as their prime requisite, women are opting for alternate accommodations options like home stays, experiential resorts, camps, serviced-apartments, and jungle lodges are also gaining popularity. With technology gaining ground, women feel more comfortable being able to do their homework before signing up for a stay.

Better access to remote destinations

As women travellers plan a vacation in hope to seek rare experiences, and 61 percent of solo women travellers feel the necessity for better accessibility to remote destinations. As heading out on multiple weekend getaways throughout the year is no longer a novelty, more interest is seen in exploring off-beat destinations.


Those who have travelled the country will understand the fuss about toilets in India. It was noted that women travellers are increasingly turning away from train journeys and opting for private tours due to the hygiene aspects.

More women tourist guides

Again keeping in mind the safety and security while travelling alone, solo women travellers are preferring private tours with women tourist guides/escorts and taxi drivers Around 45 per cent of women travellers feel safer and comfortable with female guides/taxi drivers.

Mix travel experiences

While planning the itinerary, solo women travellers do look for a good mix of experiences – beaches, adventure activities, cultural activities, local food and cuisine, among other things. Although wellness and shopping have been traditional motivators for women to travel, women travellers have matured and are willing to go beyond the traditional touristy itinerary.

To conclude, we can say that Safety and security remain a prime concern of women tourists in India but women are not seeking preferential treatment over men, just a different type of service. Women do look at safety, budget-friendly options, ease of access to the hotel, proximity to office and cultural hubs, sightseeing and shopping facilities.

A woman dislikes having things labelled for her, she definitely likes to feel special but not different.

Book with us to experience that special experience with all the requisites in place.

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