Enjoy Backwater Tours in Kerala with Chithari Backwaters

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Chithari is a picturesque place located 5 km from Kasargod, the land of Mosques, Churches, and temples. It is placed in the north of Kerala. The place is among the most beautiful in the state with beaches, hills, backwaters, and forts. Chithari is famous for a tiny tropical island, a wide sandy beach, and the emerald lagoon.

Popular for its backwaters, this place is a visited by hordes of tourists. Chithari Beach is immensely beautiful with wide sandy shores lined by lush trees. It is unbelievably immaculate, making you feel as if you have entered an enchanted land. If you are in for some peaceful time away from urbanization and crowds swarming beaches, this place will satisfy you. It is yet to be fully explored so there won’t be too many tourists.

The beach is known for the historical fort placed at its borders, called Bekal fort. Although it is now ruined, it is still the perfect place for some calm moments in nature’s arms. You can reach the island via boats and you might even find boatmen sitting there ready to escort you towards the island. The area is being endorsed as part of the Bekal Tourism Project. It will soon become one of the hottest tourist spots.

Cruises from Chithari

Valiyaparamba and Chandragiri are the major cruise alternatives in the state and both can be reached from this place, thus making it a frequently visited backwater area.
The Chandragiri backwater cruises begin near Chandragiri Bridge.

Prime Attractions


Kappil Beach

It is at a distance of 2kms from the Bekal Fort. Kodi Cliff close by offers panoramic glimpses of the picturesque Arabian Sea, 2 km from Pulikunnam Temple.

Tejaswini-Valiyaparamba Backwaters

These are only 20 km away from the Bekal fort. They are among the most picture-perfect backwaters in the state. This backwater stretch is contributed by 4 rivers and spotted with many small islands. The popular location offers magical boat cruises.

Kanwatheratha Beach

Three kilometers away from Manjeeswaram, what makes this beach so appealing is the formation of the sea that resembles a giant swimming pool.

Possadi Gumpe

It is at a distance of 15kms from Bekal. It is ideal for picnics, with its location being on a little hill 1060 feet above the sea level.

Kanhangad/Hosdurg: Popular for its forts constructed by Somashekkara Nayak, this is a must-see location. Another famous landmark here, the Nithyananda ashram, is an internationally acclaimed spiritual center. It is only 15kms from Bekal’s south.


Remains of a Dutch Fort which was constructed in the 1700s can be viewed on the Veeramal Hills.


It is 30kms from Chithari. Placed near the Cauvery this tranquil area is a favorite among nature lovers and environmentalists. The nearby region of Konnakkad is the ideal place for trekking, with the rainforest and leafy surroundings found there.

Tulur Vanam

This is also called Kekulom, or the eastern place. It is located 4 km in Panathur’s east. The temple found here sanctifies Bhagavathi and Kshetrapalan. The annual festival that lasts 8 days starting from Sivarathri, welcomes huge crowds from across the district and from Coorg.

Pandiyan Kallu

It’s a rock rising out of the sea around 2 km away from Trikkannad Temple. It is the perfect spot for swimmers. If we go by the legends, the ship of a Pandiya King who assaulted the temple was transformed into a rock.


It is the artistic center of Kasaragod. It was Nileswar Rajas’ seat. The place is also popular for its plenty of temple, shrines, festivals and most of all the Kavil Bhavan Yoga and Cultural Center that offers renewal therapy along with naturopathy treatments such as herbal baths and mud baths.

Bekal Fort

The fort is 14kms away from Kasargod’s south. This place is 3 centuries old and is among the biggest and most preserved forts of the state. This prominent circular formation rises 130 feet above sea level. It is placed on a 35-acre cape which runs into the Arabian Sea. A beach called Bekal Beach is a km away. It offers fascinating glimpses of this fort and also has lots of facilities for relaxation and recreation.

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