A Mysterious Village in Himachal Pradesh

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Though you might have explored a lot of mainstream places in India but some of the not-so-popular places have been present silently in all their beauty and splendidness. One such place is Malana, situated near the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, it is a unique treasure that India possesses.

Would you really believe if I say that Malana is one of the oldest standing democracies of the world, with the small village managing it’s own affairs even today. I am sure you will not but believe me actually this is what makes it is so attractive and unusual. The laws and taboos here will keep you wondering for days, for this is a place which will be in your heart long after you’ve gone back home. Popular as the city of the best hashish in the world, the villagers of this ancient city have been keeping several secrets to themselves.

The most astonishing fact is that the villagers consider themselves as the descendants of Alexander the Great and hence think of other Indians as inferior to them. They are a bunch of touch-me-not villagers who would immediately run for a bath if they come in contact with outsiders. Strange!! Isn’t it?

You will be amazed to know the interesting practice of how these villagers resolve conflicts; they make a cut in the leg of a lamb each of the two parties, poison it, and then sew it back with a needle. The person whose lamb dies first is said to lose the case.They are men of faith and refuse to follow the Indian Constitution.When in Malana, be sure not to touch the walls or belongings of the natives unless you want a fine imposed. Crazy as that may sound, they don’t even eat food cooked by a non-native.

What attracts the people world over to this untouched bewitching land is obviously its high-quality hashish and the peace which envelops this place. No matter the popularity, the village remains rooted in it’s own faith and customs. Perhaps, that’s why everyone keeps coming back. Here, it’s not about 5 star-meals and shopping in fancy malls, because the Parvati urges you to explore it’s mysteries!

So if you planning to go there to relax and unwind yourself from your busy schedules, my advice – Don’t just travel, explore this beautiful & mysterious land of mountains!

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