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It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert wanderer, a seasoned solo adventurer, a novice traveler, or a group tour enthusiast; it takes a lot of courage and determination to travel. The secret to traveling well is the curiosity to experience the cultures and countries in full. Traveling is so much more than just visiting the touristy highlights. You’ve booked your transportation, you’ve arranged a place to stay, you’ve packed your stuff, and you’ve finally arrived at your destination. Now what…?

Just put your explorer’s cap on and get curious because here is list of ‘what to do’ every time you travel to transform your trips from ordinary to extraordinary-

1. Venture the unexplored

Apart from the itinerary, there must be plenty of adventures to be experienced by venturing off the beaten path.  If you’re navigating a new city with a group, ask the guide for off the beaten path recommendations for your down time. And if alone, then find a neighborhood and explore it on foot and don’t forget to make sure you tell someone where you’re going ahead of time, for safety’s sake.

2. Say YES to Public transport

The fastest way to live like a local is to take public transport. Buses especially help you grasp neighborhoods. Here you will engage with everyday people going about their everyday lives. This is a great one for travelers who love to “people watch.” Be sure to pick a window seat!

3. Avoid the tacky souvenirs

Take the time to go into local shops and have a browse. If something catches your eye and stirs your soul: buy it! Trust me, a homemade hand woven rug in a market from an old lady who had been making them all her life would be cherished more than those shoes from a gift shop.

4. Don’t miss a moment

Don’t get caught up in taking photos – yes, they are wonderful keepsakes to remind you of your travels when you get home, but often travelers get so busy taking a photo that they miss the magic moments.

5. Document your journey

Keep a diary/journal. Not only is it a great way to document your trip, it’s a great way to preserve your trip memories for the ones you love back home. It is really helpful to look back on the trip and remember the most wondrous of details, big and small.

6. Eat somewhere local

While you’re chatting up the locals, ask them what their favorite neighborhood restaurant is. If you’re adventurous, follow their recommendation without a Google search.While you’re at it, ask them for their favorite menu item as well.

7. Be local, learn local

This is my favourite thing you should do every time you travel. At least one day in each destination, live like a local – get up early and grab a cup of coffee from the local coffee shop, catch public transport, go to the supermarket and buy ingredients to make lunch, enjoy the afternoon walking around a local park, and relax in the evening by treating yourself to dinner at a locals-only restaurant. Learn a few key phrases and strike up a conversation.

8. Challenge yourself

After all, you didn’t travel miles to do the “same same ” that you do back home, did you? So just challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone, each and every day you’re on your trip. Do something you haven’t/couldn’t do back home like trying a food item you’ve never had before or Go on a tough hike and Face your fears.

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